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Handpumps – Bangladesh

Handpumps – Bangladesh

The MWI has installed a number of hand pumps in Bangladesh over the years. Many families take the opportunity to finance hand pumps as a means of Iysali Thawab (Passing the reward) and Sadaqah Jariyah (ever lasting charity) for their deceased near and dear ones. The cost per hand pump is £200.

MWI has now installed over 700 hand pumps in various parts of Bangladesh.

Men, women and children have to walk miles to access clean water, why not donate towards this wonderful cause.

You can pay via one of the following methods

  1. Paypal to
  2. Transfer to our account – Natwest, Muslim Welfare institute, s/c 01.00.85 Acc No: 24170550
  3. Call us on 01254 694015 (9 -2 pm) for card payments.
  4. Donate