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Education Classes:

Budget for our Education Classes:

We have 70 classes in Albania which are taught by 70 teachers (males & females). The annual budget for this one project alone is £120,000 Lillah. Majority of this budget is raised from collections from the Masjids of the UK. Due to the virus and lockdowns, we have not been able to collect donations from any Masjids since March this year. We are still continuing to pay the salaries of our 65 teachers and therefore make a very humble request to each and reader to donate as much Lillah as possible. Cost per class on average is £1500 annually which come to £125 monthly.

Education Programme – 70 classes in operation – 5 salary bands – Annual budget £120,000 Lillah.

6 classes at £4320 per class annually – Financed by UWT.

The follwing are all financed by MWI

3 classes at £3420

8 classes at 2580

5 classes at £1680

40 classes at £1320

Please visit our donate page to make donations.

Cost per class on average is £1500 annually which comes £125 a month.

Our classes are currently running in and around Tirana, Elbasan, Pograde and Korce.