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`Say yes in my dress`

In partnership with Preston`s Promise, the MWI received a tremendous response to its `say yes in my dress` bridal wear collection project, which has now come to the end of phase one.

Sisters volunteer groups from Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford, Dewsbury, Leicester, London and Preston all joined forces during December. The response received from sisters (and brothers) was over whelming.

A total of 164 parcels have been shipped out to India in the week commencing 21st December MA. On average it takes 3 months for the parcels to reach India by boat.

On behalf of the MWI, we would like to take this opportunity to first and foremost thank a sister from Bolton, who initiated this whole project, and the dedicated volunteers of Preston`s Promise, a dynamic sisters organisation, who through their contact and networks, within days made this into a nationwide project.

A very special thanks to the Sisters 4 Sisters organisation in Blackburn and the other sisters in Bradford, Dewsbury, Leicester and London for sacrificing their valuable time in collecting and packing these items. Almighty Allah reward you all in abundance. Ameen.

Phase 2 will start when the parcels arrive in India and the distribution programme commences IA. We will keep you updated IA.




A sister from Bolton called us at the MWI saying she had 2 sisters in mind who wanted to  donate their wedding dresses. As soon as the word got out, Preston`s Promise, a dynamic sisters voluntary organisation came on the scene and got the ball rolling to collect bridal wear and wedding related items from 8 towns/cities across the UK.

We at the MWI have been absolutely overwhelmed at the amount of bridal wear that has come in so far. The deadline dates for collections have been widely circulated by the volunteers in their respected towns/cities.

Our intention is to send these parcels via sea to our partner organisation in Ahmedabad in Gujarat India to distribute to brides to be from families who are not so well off. If the system works out successfully, we intend to try and utilise the bridal wear for a few brides, so that maximum benefit can be gained from such expensive dresses and items.

Whilst we at the MWI fully appreciate receiving these items, we would like to make a humble request to all our brides to be and also the grooms to be and their respective families.  Please spare a thought for the less fortunate ones in this world and do not spend excessively on wedding items. Some of the wedding dresses have been estimated at £2000 and £3000. Did you know that you can get 10 poor girls married in India for £3000?

Let`s come back to basics. Yes of course wear nice clothes. However. Ensure they are modest and do not overspend. Our Imams have been advising us to have simple weddings with less expenditure for so many years now. Unfortunately, their advice fell on deaf ears. Now, Boris Johnson has restricted all of us to a maximum 15 or 30 guests at the Nikah and reception. Do we have a choice? No.

Almighty Allah give us all the correct understanding. Ameen.

We at the MWI would like to thank Preston`s Promise, their volunteers and all the sisters (and brothers) who have donated their gifts. Almighty Allah reward all of you in abundance. Ameen.