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Hardship assistance programme UK:

10 refugee families were provided with a cash grant of £350 each to assist them buy daily basic necessities. The families are from Albania, Burma, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and Russia. The funding was provide by Wifaqul Ulama UK who collect funds to assist families facing hardships here in the UK.

Donors who would like to donate their donation specifically for families in the UK are more than welcome to do so. All types of donations are acceptable for this programme.

Southport refugees

It was brought to our attention that over a 100 refugees are staying in a closed down hotel in Southport. With the assistance of a local family, we managed to provide 100 hot meals to these families on Friday 25th September. Once again, financial support was provided by Wifaqul Ulama in addition to our own funds as well.

The cost to provide 100 hot meals is £500. We intend to provide this assistance at least once weekly and if possible and funding allows, to increase upon this.

Donors are humbly requested to keep this very worthwhile project in mind. All donations welcome.


To apply for hardship assistance, please kindly complete this form.

MWI Hardship assistance uk only.

We will contact you once this has been checked and approved by the Trustees.