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Unity Al-Ittihaad

To provide correct Islamic guidance to the Muslims of the UK, we decided to launch a 4-sided family magazine. The first issue of unity was published in September 1992 and to date 105 issues have been presented to the people. At present, many other magazines are being distributed from various establishments & organisations and therefore we are publishing UNITY on a quarterly basis. 2000 copies are distributed on a quarterly basis.


The `In-Focus` magazine is our annual publication, which contains the details of our activities in the previous 12 months. Published prior to the month of Ramadhan, 5000 copies in full colour are distributed widely throughout the UK. The magazine contains reports of all of our projects in the countries that we are working in together with photos and a breakdown of costs. It also contains new projects for the coming year, a donation form, tax reclaim form and a standing order form.